Our Pricing & Services

Credit Cleanse I


Remove 5 Derogatory accounts from Credit Reports.

Items deleted include:
Derogatory Mortgages and Foreclosures, Auto-Repossessions, Child Support, Collections, Charge-offs, Delinquent Revolving & Installment Accounts, Late Pays, Listed on Credit Reports.

Result / Process

Higher Credit Rating.  Once we pull your credit, we determine violations of FCRA, etc, then notify appropriate credit agencies and creditors of the multiple violations, which require removal. We have a 95% success rate!!!


$995* Entry Donation
*Pricing subject to change/Plans available

This is a $1800 value! $250 per creditor a la carte.  $199 per creditor AFTER the 1st 5 creditors.

Credit Cleanse II

Remove any remaining Derogatory accounts.

Additional Services (TBD-case by case basis)


Issue Vacation of Judgment for satisfied judgments to permanently remove judgment from Credit Reports.  Receive a Better Loan Approval Rate. Judgment Free.

Bankruptcy Re-Listing

Re-Listing of Bankruptcy Schedule Items listed as “Collection” or “Write Off” will be noted as “Discharged In Bankruptcy”. Receive a Higher Credit Rating.

Tax Liens

Update the status of Existing Tax Liens. Receive a Higher Credit Rating /Bureau Update.


Removing “hard pull” Inquiries. Receive Higher Credit Rating /Bureau Update



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